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10th Supply Chain Forum on role of supply chain in exports
March 18, 2013
The 10th CSCR Supply Chain Forum at HSM-UMT invited Shahzad Hussain, Director General of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, as the guest speaker in a session on “Role of Supply Chain in Exports”. The seminar was attended by over 50 participants including students, industry members, namely, Rahat ul Ain, Director School of Government, UMT, Khurram Yaqoob, Head Supply Chain, DHL International, Mr Azeem, Head Supply Chain, Treet Corporation, Belal Malik, Manager Operations and Supply Chain, Engro Eximp Agri Products, M Ali Afzal and Haroon Shaukat Virk, Engro Eximp Agri Products, representatives from Nestle and Razziq International and HSM faculty members, namely, Dr Tashfeen Azhar, Umer Ayub, Program Advisor MBA evening, Asher Ramish, Director MBA Program, and Haris Aslam, Assistant Professor.

The guest speaker highlighted that Pakistan has adopted export promotion strategies and mentioned that more FDIs are important for Pakistan’s growth; he also added that outsourcing in supply chain management is very important concept and is in practice. Supply Chain management got importance during the era of globalization. World economy is becoming borderless and integrated, driven by global market forces, global technological forces, global cost forces and political and social factors. Global Supply Chain plays a vital role in economy and supply chain collaboration is top challenge for exporters.

After attending this session, the attendees got to know the answers of various questions that pop up in their minds in their practical lives; they also got to know what Supply Chain has to do with Exports and how they complement each other in this era of globalization.

At the end of the session, Ijaz Yusuf, Director, CSCR, concluded the session by sharing his views with the participants. Rahat ul Ain, Director School of Government, University of Management Technology, presented a shield to guest speaker as a token of thanks. The session ended with the refreshments for the participants who enjoyed themselves and interacted with each other informally.
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