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Seminar on role of psychologists in special schools
October 2, 2012
UMT will actively collaborate with Government to improve the lives of Children with Disabilities: Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad, Rector UMT
“We welcome UMT as a valuable partner in improving special education in Punjab,” this was stated by Abdullah Kahn Sumbal, Secretary, Special Education Punjab while speaking in a seminar organized by the Department of Special Needs Education on “The Role of Psychologists in Special Schools”.

On a special note, he appreciated the efforts of UMT in developing the manual for psychologists in special education and assured that Government of the Punjab will formally acknowledge this document with approval from other organizations for its implementation. He assured that Special Education Department is ready to work with UMT under supervision of Prof Dr Abdul Hameed for transforming this manual into a set of regulations.

Amna Arif, Lecturer SSS&H, presented her MPhil thesis on the development of manual and its implementation.

Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad, Rector UMT, shared his personal experiences which led to his keen interest in special education. He endorsed Abduallah Sumbal’s idea that the manual should be developed fully into a professional system. He reiterated his commitment to the cause of special education by promising unconditional collaborative support for the well-being of children with disabilities.

On this auspicious occasion, Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad and Abdullah Khan Sumbal inaugurated the Perkins Machines donated by Mr Usman from Bank of England with the help of Royal National Institute for Blind People with the effort of Fozia Mannon, Lecturer, Special Education, SSS&H.

In the second session, guest speakers Dr Shahid Farooq, Dr Nasir-ud-Din and Dr Zahid Mahmood appreciated the manual for psychologists in special education and the way of implementation in their own perspective.

At the end, Prof Dr Abdul Hameed, Dean, School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSS&H), delivered the note of thanks to the chief guest Abduallah Khan Sumbal for accepting UMT's invitation and for supporting the manual by acknowledging it formally. He further said that other similar projects are in the making and UMT will continue to contribute positively to the improvement of educational opportunities for children with disabilities. He also thanked all guest speakers and the participants for taking great interest in the seminar.
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