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Entrepreneurs Mian Bashir Ahmed and Mian Idress from Sitara Group of Industries share their success story
April 26, 2012

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CENTIN) invited Chairman and Founder Mian Bashir Ahmed and Mian Idress, CEO, Sitara Group, to share the success story of the Sitara Group of Industries with UMT students, faculty and staff members today. It may be noted that Sitara Group of Industries is one of the most renowned industrial groups of the country. This group started its industrial activity with textile weaving sector in 1956 under leadership of two brothers, Haji Abdul Ghafoor (Late) and Mian Bashir Ahmed. Sitara Group by now is in textile cloth finishing and processing, textile spinning, chlor alkali industries and power plant.

Mian Idress, CEO, Sitara Group, shared the remarkable saga of the success of the Sitara Group of Industries. He said that Mian Bashir Ahmed and Mian Abdul Ghafoor, two migrant brothers from Amritsar built up the Sitara empire brick by brick through sheer hard work and commitment. Every successful company that is expanding has certain success factors. A private entrepreneurship requires decision-making, honesty, no trespassing on each other’s domain and acceptance of responsibility of decisions taken. He said that he feels fortunate to have had the training and guidance of his father Mian Bashir Ahmed. Mian Idress apprised everyone that he started his practical training under the tutelage of his uncle, the late Haji Abdul Ghafoor who was a market leader throughout his life. Both his father and uncle were gentlemen of the first order; they obeyed their elders and parents throughout their lives. They never indulged in overnight get rich schemes or gimmicks and never took up a project solely to make money.  Mian Idress said that he has been trained to deliver a product according to its worth. It has been ingrained in him that if a customer is going to pay a certain amount of money for a piece of cloth, he should get full value for his money. He said that he owes market wisdom and values to his elders and family and now the third generation is poised to take over from where the second generation will leave them.

Mian Idress from Sitara Group of Industries share their success story
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Event Comments
tayyaba munir
Apr 27 2012
It was one of the excellant experience too attend this event....
Great Personalites with Great Mission.....Outstanding:-)
Thanks to CINTEN for inviting them.
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