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6th International Conference on Suicide Failure of Indivdual or Humanity
January 4, 2023
6th International Conference on Suicide: Failure of Individual or Humanity SPP is humbled and thankful to all the eminent speakers, panelists, session chairs and pre-conference workshop resource persons along with our poster judges. Indeed this conference was the most difficult task to achieve as this was our dearest teacher Dr Zahid Mahmood & #39;s idea. In his absence executing his thoughts and philosophy was overwhelming for all the SPP members. But we are blessed that we have support of our experts. Thank you Dr Iram Zehra Bokharey for always standing with us you are in true essence the reflection of Dr Zahid's ideology. We are grateful to Dr Rubina Hanif the Director of NIP for joining us inperson even in the difficult weather Conditions. Dr Zainab Zadeh and Dr Qudsia Tariq the commitment you showed we are very thankful to both of you. We are also thankful to our International Speakers Dr. Aneeq Ahmed, and Dr Ayesha Asghar for their prompt response and availability despite the time zone differences. We are humbled to have timely presence and sharing of knowledge of our Chief Guest Dr. Anila Kamal Dr.Casey Brown and Dr.Tobais were our International experts to shed light on the topic from an International and global perspective, We are really thankful to both of them for becoming part of this Conference. It was a great honor to have Prof. Dr Najib Alwi all the way from Malaysia to grace our conference and share an eastern perspective on the topic of Suicide. The panel discussion became the biggest highlight of our conference, the way our experts Dr Nazish Imran Dr Gul Jee Dr Syeda Shahida Batool Dr Tahira Hafeez Dr Amina Khawaja Dr Ayesha Majeed Dr Urooj Khawar Dr Najma Malik and Dr Urusa Fahim shared their wisdom and work is commendable. The valuable comments of our session chairs Dr Salma Hasan Dr Rafia Rafique Dr Jamil A. Malik Dr Anila Mubashir and Dr Rabia Khawar became the enjoyable learning experience for all the audience. The extensive work of our Poster Judges Ms Shireen Asad, Dr Talat Sohail and Dr Anjum is highly appreciated.
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