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European delegates from Norway, Hungary and UK visit OTC at UMT
March 1, 2012

European delegates from Norway, Hungary and UK visited UMT on the invitation of Rana Zamin Abbas, Assistant Professor, Head, Research Capacity Building (RCB) and Editor, Organization Theory Review (OTR). They were warmly welcomed at the campus by Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad, Rector UMT, Dr Faheemul Islam, Dean, School of Business and Economics (SBE), and Dr Naveed Yazdani, Director, School of Professional Advancement (SPA), Anjum Naseem Rao and Miss Sofia, lecturers from Center for English Language (CEL), UMT.

During the course of the discussions with the Rector, social scientist Miss Caroline from Norway Bergen University, asked many questions regarding Pakistani culture and society. She also shared her own views from historical and sociological perspectives. Caroline appreciated the hospitality of Pakistani people. She thanked Dr Hasan for sharing his insight and scholarship, and for taking the time from his busy schedule to host the delegates.

 Miss Anchy, social scientist from Norway, discussed the prevailing cultural values and societal issues of the Norwegian society. She also discussed the meaning and relevance of social sciences from a broad perspective. Dr Zusanna, NLP trainer from Hungary, emphasized the need for NLP trainings for international students. Ali Zubair, calculus scholar from UK, shared his ideas with Dr Hasan regarding mathematical language and engineering.

Dr Hasan shared his invigorating and thought provoking views a wide range of issues with special emphasis on world history and the impact of socialist doctrines as enunciated by Karl Marx and Lennon. He also shared his perspective on historical developments in the regional context such as the influence of the Iranian Revolution, the legacy of Dr Mussadeque, and the policies of contemporary leadership in Iran. He also highlighted the role played by Pakistani political leadership in the global arena

Dr Naveed Yazdani elaborated the objectives of setting up the Organization Theory Center and the need for research and development in Pakistani context.

Dr Faheemul Islam said assumptions can be challenged and there is an urgent need of exploring the new horizons of knowledge. He also showed his intention to visit Finland and Norway.

Qaisar Abbas Bhatti, Chairman, Ittefaq Textile, Rana Tahir Mahmood, Director, Fazal Knitting Pvt. Ltd., and Ansar Mahmood Bhatti, Advocate Lahore High Court, were also present on this occasion.

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amir shahzad
Mar 03 2012
it is a good thing
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