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UMT plans to establish campus in Sialkot
February 16, 2012

In view of the increasing number of applicants from different areas of the country who are choosing UMT for their higher studies, the management of the University has established a campus in Sialkot. The Sialkot Campus will not only cater for the educational requirements of the local community but will also facilitate potential students from adjoining areas.

The state-of-the-art campus building comprises of 85,000 sq. ft covered area. There are 5 floors with modern facilities including WiFi environment, capsule lifts, emergency exit stairs, separate cargo lifts and parking area. There is also a modern sports complex spread over 56 kanals.

Campus Address
UMT Campus, Shahab Pura, Ugoki Road, Sialkot

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Event Comments
May 18 2012
May 10 2012
Sialkot Campus wishing you all the best
Apr 30 2012
its a positive step from UMT , great effort
Raza Yaqoo (UAE)
Apr 21 2012
Thank You , UMT
Mar 22 2012
Ghulam Abbas
Mar 14 2012
It is amazing.I hope this campus is gonna deliver a lot in intellectual development of Sialkoti students.
Sumayra Aziz
Mar 13 2012
I am very xcited 4 the Sialkot campus. This is gr8 achievement and I wish 2 study here. The building looks very nice and it is very good location. I wish the best for this university. God Bless.
Muhamamd Umar
Mar 11 2012
Feel proud for having UMT campus at Sialkot. Now perpole can get quality education in variety of areas at their home. CONGRATULAE SIALKOT
Mar 10 2012
I quiet happy to listen about the uni at sialkot. I am very thankful to those persons that dare to think about the sialkot city. otherwise all the great students of sialkot have to move to lahore this cause a great problems for the girls especially.
hafiz haider
Mar 07 2012
by this way education will promot.congratulation to all sialkotians including me
Usman Akbar
Mar 04 2012
Great university in sialkot.UMt will help the sialkoti students to get education at own house.Now there is no need to other cities to get higher education.
Anees Shaikh
Mar 01 2012
Great achievement UMT....Best opportunity for the Sialkot peoples to study in high ranked university in Pakistan & keep the flag high...
H M Rehan
Feb 29 2012
There was not any good university in Silakot,I hope UMT will be high ranked university in Sialkot as well as Pakistan(Inshallah).I felt proud when listen that UMT has made a new campus.Congrats to All Umtians.
Feb 29 2012
Welcome to University of Management and technology in sialkot.
Its a great achievement of UMT. i rearly impressed and it would be beneficial for those students who r studying in Lahore campus can easily migrate in Sialkot campus.
Muhammad Farooq Umar
Feb 29 2012
Begining of the new ages of sialkot with the astablishment of emerging high ranked universities.
Rehman Akbar
Feb 24 2012
welcme to university of management and technology in sialkot.inshallah UMT will change the think of people of sialkot with the help of qualified professor.UMT will bring the educational revolution in sialkot.
khuram saghir
Feb 24 2012
That is the best oppertunity for every one/students!
Feb 23 2012
its a great achivment of UMT. i realy impressd and it would be benificial for thoes students who r studying in Lahore campuse can easily migrate in Sialkot campus.
irfan rao
Feb 23 2012
the campus built in Sialkot is very beautiful, congradulations to all my Sialkotian buddies, at least they can a best campus life in their own city.
M.Ahsan Anwar
Feb 22 2012
Nice and Amazing
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