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Supply Chain Video Competition
January 13, 2012
The Center for Supply Chain Research (CSCR) in collaboration with Operations and Supply Chain Club (OSCC) organized Supply Chain Video Competition among students of managing supply chains classes at MBA level in the seminar room. The event was attended by more than 130 participants from the  industrial sector as well as UMT faculty members and students.

The proceedings began with recitation of some verses from the Holy Quran by Ahmad Afzal, President OSCC, UMT.  Abiha Syed, Research Associate, CSCR, welcomed all participants and explained the rationale of this competition which was to depict any concept of supply chain management, whether in the manufacturing or the service industries in a supply chain sequential manner through a video shoot of approximately 4-5 minutes. Through this activity, students would get a chance to deeply analyze the supply chain processes and understand the significance of the interdependence and integration among the basic supply chain processes. In addition to this, top 5 videos were chosen for prizes and certificates and they would be placed on the CSCR website, Operations and Supply Chain Club and Department of Operations and Supply Chain. The web viewers would get a chance to see what the companies in Pakistan are doing with respect to supply chain management implementation.

Abiha Syed also introduced honorable jury members: Ahsan Uddin Ghias, FCIT, MBIM, Director LMS and Industrial Project, DHL Global Forwarding,  Iftikhar Ahmed Khan, Logistics Manager, Packages Ltd., Malik Tassawar Hussain, GM Supply Chains, Millac Foods and Ahmad Sharjeel, Supply Chain and Logistics Manager, Coca Cola Export Corporation. 

There were 17 participant groups. Each group consisted of 5-7 students. Each group presented an idea and played the video. Every contestant brought creativity and portrayed it into a 3-minute video which was commendable. An evaluation sheet was given to the judges and different scorers were allocated to each remark.

Ijaz Yusuf, Director CSCR, addressed the participants. He appreciated their efforts and thanked jury members for their cooperation. He also announced the top 5 positions. The certificates and prizes were distributed among the winning teams by our respectable judges.  

At the end, Asher Ramish, Director Graduate Studies, concluded the event and congratulate the winning teams. Moreover, he commended the efforts put in by all participants. He thanked the jury members for sparing their time and being a source of motivation for all the students. The shields were presented to the judges by Kamran Rashid, Chairman OSC. The event ended with light refreshments for the participants who enjoyed themselves and interacted with each other informally.
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