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The Impact of Globalization on Education in Pakistan
December 21, 2011
Dr Neils Peterson, senior research fellow from Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods, Bonn, Germany was invited as the guest speaker in a seminar on the impact of globalization on education organized by the School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSS&H) in collaboration with the Center of Law and Policy. Prof Dr Abdul Hameed, Dean SSS&H, presided over the seminar. A large number of students and faculty members were present on the occasion.

Dr Neils addressed upcoming challenges and the impact of globalization on the education system in Pakistan in the context of its status as a third world country. He said that globalization calls for exchange of ideas and thoughts. Educationists can exchange their views and ideas with their counterparts around the world. Through a productive exchange of thoughts, the standard of education in Pakistan can be raised to the international level. There are certain genuine concerns about the relevance of alien thoughts but nothing should be accepted as a package. Local experts should carefully review such ideas before adopting them for the solution of their problems.

Question and answer session further enriched the lecture. Both faculty and students raised critical questions on the presentation. Dr Neils was critical of the slanted view of the West towards Pakistan. That’s why, he believed, our education system could not benefit from the experiences of the West.

At the end, Dr Abdul Hameed appreciated the guest speaker’s efforts to initiate debate on this crucial subject. He said that the source of foreign funding is important because it might have a hidden agenda. Unless such an agenda is made public for discussion, the worth of such funding is difficult to assess.  He said that more lectures of this kind would be organized in future for creating awareness among the students. He thanked all the participants for actively participating in healthy discussion.
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