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4th CSCR seminar: Third party logistics - challenges and opportunities
January 4, 2011

The 4th Supply Chain Forum, Dr Hasan Murad School of Management (HSM), invited Anil John, Regional Manager Agility Logistics, as the guest speaker in a seminar on third party logistics – challenges and opportunities. The seminar was attended by more than 30 supply chain professionals from different organizations, faculty members of the Dr Hasan Murad School of Management, and supply chain students.
The seminar started after recitation of some verses from the Holy Quran by Muhammad Ahmad Afzal, student and an active member of OSCC, UMT. Ijaz Yusuf, Director, Center for Supply Chain Research, welcomed all participants and explained the Center's activities for industry and academia. He also invited Anil, the guest speaker on the occasion, to share his views with all those present. Anil has a diverse professional experience to his credit. He has worked as import manager with Raaziq International and is a Leadership Trainer at several NGO’s.

Sharing his expertise with the participants of the seminar, Anil the importance of third party logistics in supply chain management functions, and the challenges and opportunities associated with it in the modern business world. He also elaborated the scope and role of TPL, its functions and procedures, various forms and activities.

An active question and answer session was held after the presentation. The participants pointed out the challenges which they usually have to confront regarding transactions problems, demand and supply mechanism, and competitors’ strategy related to third party logistics. The speaker gave detailed answers to all questions to the satisfaction of all concerned.

At the end of the seminar, Ijaz Yusuf, Director CSCR, summed up the day’s discussion and added his perspective as well. He thanked the speaker and all the participants. He also presented a shield to Anil John as a gesture of appreciation for coming to UMT. The seminar ended with light refreshments for the participants who enjoyed themselves and interacted with each other informally.

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