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Alvina Fatima Represents UMT at 1st International Exhibition and Festival on New Urban Technologies (ICS 2017) in Iran
August 23, 2017
Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC-UMT)congratulates Mrs. Alvina Fatima from School of Architecture and Planning, UMT on participation and attendance from the platform of Smart Cities Forum UMT at the “1st International Exhibition and Festival on New Urban Technologies (ICS 2017)” on Friday, August 4th, 2017. The exhibition was attended by over 22 foreign countries at the permanent site of Isfahan international exhibitions located at Shahrestan Bridge. Companies from Iran and abroad displayed their most advanced achievements on new urban technologies. MohammadReza Nilforoushan as The Chairman of Isfahan Municipal New Technologies Center addressed in his speech that this international event is for the first time held in Isfahan through the efforts of Isfahan municipality in collaboration with the Iranian scientific centres. Further, in his speech, Dr.Nilforoushan named some more programs to be held on the sidelines of the festival as follows: series of specialized workshops, speeches, and seminars attended by dozens of pioneering countries in the field of waste industry, and the international seminar of “Smart City". The International Festival on New Urban Technologies was well scheduled to host people of a wide range of ages from 3 to 93 years old, DrNilforoushan reminded.Referring that 4 halls of Isfahan International Exhibition Site where more than 300 booths were showcased their technologies. Alvina Fatima had prepared her project under the Supervision and guidance of Prf. Muhammad Yusuf Awan, Dean of Architecture and Planning, UMT, Lahore. The project presented by Alvina Fatima at Isfahan was supported by video messages of the Dean SAP and COD Architecture, Dr. SaimaGulzar. Alvina Fatima from School of Architecture and Planning from UMT Presented her project with a main objective of “Human Healthy Environment” she designed roof gardens on which there is a proper drainage system designed along with the construction techniques and There are different layers of chemical, waterproof, protection, filter, vegetation, grass drainage etc. above the roof. It has many benefits like reducing heat gain, cuttingpollution and dust from your air, lessening noise pollution, and the most important is relieving stress! The project was highly appreciated by the experts and audience at Isfahan, Iran.
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