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Rector UMT Dr Muhammad Aslam Visits Civil Aviation Training Center
July 5, 2017
The Honorable Rector University of Management and Technology (UMT) Dr. Muhammad Aslam went on a visit to varsity’s Civil Aviation Training Center located at Walton. Upon his arrival, the concerned officials warmly greeted the Rector, gave a briefing about the location, its infrastructure, and the facilities. Dean of the Institute Captain Imran Saeed and his entire faculty were also present on the occasion. They gave a presentation regarding technical stuff like Flight Simulator and Virtual ATC available at the center and that how it will perk up students’ expertise regarding the new important aspects of commercial aviation. The Rector was delighted to see the location especially training workshops and the infrastructure developed therein. Expressing the views, the Rector said that the rationale behind such a huge investment in the aviation industry was to meet the modern challenges in the field and produce future leaders to make a difference in modern aviation. Dr. Muhammad Aslam advised the management of IAS to make the best use of the location, as it was an ideal place to carry out aviation operations and pieces of training for the students. He further said that linkages with the world’s best aviation schools are being fostered and sooner new avenues of collaboration, training and research and joint-ventures would be opened up to benefit UMT students enrolled in various degree programs at IAS. It is worth mentioning that Institute of Aviation Studies at UMT is the first Pakistani institute that is the member of global aviation community under University Aviation Association (UAA), United States.
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