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Session with U.S Entrepreneur, Founder of (P.SEA) Muhammad Siddique
November 12, 2015
A session with US entrepreneur, Muhammad Siddique In this entrepreneur session a U.S Entrepreneur; Muhammad Siddique, was invited. Mr Siddique holds a big profile in the field of business and entrepreneurship. The founder of Pakistani Social Entrepreneurship Academy (P-SEA),which is a project of Al-Sharif Foundation. Al-Sharif Foundation is registered charity in Pakistan and in USA. The goal is to inspire Youth. He is on mission to train 1 million entrepreneurs in Pakistan so they can support themselves and their families. He is settled in Atlanta, USA.Publisher of multiple business magazines and founder of Joint Venture Genius. He has interviewed Google, Oracle, Alibaba, Microsoft, Intel and SAP to get support for this P-SEA initiative. Moreover, he was recently interviewed by Voice of America Urdu. Dean SBE, Ms Rukhsana Kalim was invited to welcome our guest. She gave introduction of SBE and our worthy guest.In this seminar he motivated students to be successful in life and told that we can earn 100$ online by our skills and no one should think that he do not have skills or they cannot do anything but every person have skills in themselves and they can do anything they like. He said that a person when talking to a client should ask the right person, the right question and at the right time. He also said that for success Pakistan’s literacy rate should increase so that no one should remain unsuccessful and jobless. He said that it is wrong and bad in our religion Islam that a person must be selfish but for his success he should be selfish. While being selfish for success he must also help others just putting the fact in mind that this is being guided in our religion. He also taught students to always earn halal whether any consequences. He told to be conceptual in business rather copy anyone else and not to compromise on the quality of anything. He also mentioned that in a business all other positions other than the ‘Finisher’ is the one who is always and 100% successful in business in any condition. He told that a person only needs his mind and cleverness to do a business and he too used his mind and today he is a successful entrepreneur. Apart from this the director CENTIN addressed that a task master is always successful in every field. At the end of the seminar Muhammad Siddique answered the questions of the students and so the session was ended. Dean SBE presented souvenir to guest as a token of appreciation.
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