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March 5 - 7, 2016
EXPERTS AT A FORUM DISCUSS FUTURE OF PURE AND APPLIED SCIENCES LAHORE (MAR 5): The first international conference on pure and applied sciences was held by University of Management and Technology’s Centre for Mathematics and its Applications. The Centre, which is a new initiative recently taken by varsity’s Rector Prof. Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad succeeded in gathering a good number of scholars, mathematicians, experts of physics, engineering, computer science and other disciplines such as social sciences from around the world. According to the details, approximately 80 speakers from all over Pakistan registered for the conference and more than 300 participants showed up for the event. Earlier Higher Education Commission Islamabad approved a grant of Rs. 1,146,735/- for the conference, that provided an excellent opportunity for experts of pure and applied sciences to share their knowledge, latest research, results which they have achieved in theory, methodology and applications of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Computer and Social Sciences. Among the guest speakers was Prof. Nizam-ud-Din, chairman of HEC Punjab and he highly appreciated Dr Murad for successfully organizing the conference by combining basic and applied sciences. Prof. Nizam-ud-Din said that UMT was the only institution in Punjab which was promoting all kinds of sciences and linking them practically with industry. He said that without international collaboration in research, the dream of knowledge-based economy cannot be fulfilled. Prof. Nizam said that HEC Punjab would allocate more funds for comprehensive and result-oriented research carried out at universities. In his keynote address, Rector UMT Prof. Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad emphasized on mathematicians, biologists, sociologists, chemists and psychologists all to interact with one another to develop the unity of knowledge and utilize it for sustainable human development. He said that we should introduce a collaborative network in order to get knowledge and the platform of such an international conference on pure and applied sciences is very important to establish our identity as knowledge providers. He said if we want to build the youth and equip them with necessary life skills, then we have to update contemporary sciences with ground-breaking research. Dr Murad said that around 25 UMT students would be sent to International University of Malaysia for completing PhD on scholarship. The Rector also indicated that in future conferences, all basic, general, pure and applied sciences would be covered so that comprehensive results could be produced. The foreign speakers who addressed the conference included Prof Dr Ellene Trtras from Eastern Michingan University USA, Prof Dr Michel Jambu from Emeritus Professor, University De Nice Sophia Antipolis, France, Prof Dr Hichem Brn El Mechaeikh from Brock University , Ontario , Canada, Prof Dr Torla Hj Hassan from International Islamic University, Malaysia and Dr Zahid Raza from University of Sharjah, UAE. These speakers exchanged their ideas and recent advances in their respective field and suggested for establishing strong linkages between academia and industry. The conference looked for significant contributions to the mathematics, engineering and applied science in theoretical and practical aspects. On the other hand, a good number of original papers were presented on pure and applied sciences plus many other topics in related area. The conference will leave a good impact on theory, practice and application of all pure and applied sciences in days to come.
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